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The SuperCarrier is a smarter shopping option because it’s modular in design and can function as a simple grocery bag, or an organizer or a day bag.


  • It’s Modular: Super has five separate compartments so you can choose to use or just ignore it. That way if you need to keep things apart you can just use one of the sections.
  •  It’s Excellence: Made with premium custom-made fabrics and we've put in place a thorough quality control and testing process to make sure you receive a great final product.
  •  It’s Super Strong: Supercarrier can handle loads on up to 110lbs/50kg and the capacity is 30L.
  •  It has Shoulder Straps: Supercarrier has a tough comfortable shoulder straps so you can spread the weight of heavy loads.
  •  Its Foldable:Supercarrier comes with a pouch and its extremely compact size means you can clip onto a small handbag without any fuss.

SuperCarrier Bag

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