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Revolutionary Inflatable Car Roof Rack



Ultix Tair Rack merges functionality and convenience to deliver premium quality results. It’s a fantastic roof rack that can be used to transport windsurf gear, kite gear, paddle boards, surfboards, sports gear, furniture and more. 

Ultix Tair Rack is an innovative inflatable car roof rack made of bike inner tube. It allows you to transport any sports equipment and bulky cargo easily on any vehicle. It takes just 5 minutes or less to install Tair Rack and it is entirely portable. All you need is to fold it up to a shoebox-size and store in the trunk of your car. 



Why Inner Tube

Inspired by bike tire, we made it with the inner tube for stronger bearing capacity, to prevent deform and air-leakage.inflated quickly and easily with a standard pump. Fortunately, the pressurized air tube provides ample support for the cargo without adding the weight to the car. 


5 Minute-Fit

5min Fit_000.png

Any Item, Any Car

Any Item Any Car_003.gif

Unlike most metal roof bars, Tair Rack is not limited to few car models.It is designed to fit most type of car models. Tair Rack is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to install a permanent metal roof rack.

Perfect Portability

Ultix Tair Rack is totally portable, extremely easy to store and always there when you need it most. Packing size is smaller than a shoebox. When deflated, Ultix Tair is small enough to store in the trunk.  

Perfect Portability_003.png

Immaculate Materials


Ultix Tair Rack is made from extremely tough materials. We do not relent to give you the best. The nylon cover provides ultimate protection without scratching the car roof, and the straps made of seat belts ensure an unbreakable use with more stability.

Re-define Your Journey 

Ultix Tair Rack helps ease your transporting efficiently and safely, in your urban life and outdoor time. We are living in a fast world, and it’ll get faster, but we want you to take your time, slowly and patiently capture all those memories you’re worthy of. We hope to save you more time for you to go on the journey for life.

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