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Jupiter EX has made this difficult choice easier with its innovative and versatile design. It has customized weight/protection levels, an expandable option for quick packing or minimum size, a smart Hi-tech anti-theft tracker, upgraded air protector II, built-in digital scale and additional amazing features. The Jupiter EX is the safest, most convenient way to transport most types of bike on any journey. 


  • Product Info

    • Expandable design for minimal packing or minimum size
    • customized protection/weight levels
    • anti-loss tracker
    • packing time in 5mins (no need remove handlebars or seat post )
    • Saving money & moving fast 
    • Fits inside almost all current major airline
    • Inflatable protection system - gives you the ultimate protection.
    • Side HD Foam Padding.
    • Skeleton system-The outer edges of the bag feature removable reinforcing rods
    • Solid Base -Extremely strong and lightweight. To make it easier to move your bike around there are 4 protected wheels
    • Integrated ID pocket
    • Large capacity bike bag
    • Heavy duty lockable zipper. (Lock not included)
    • Fit for most road bike,TT bike (up to 64cm) and 29' MTB.
    • At only 11kg, the Ultix SAS is ideal for air travel. (Can remove the Skeleton System and Air-Padding to bring it down to 9kg for train or car travel)
    •  Dimensions 115 x 80 x 30 cm  Packing size: 115 x 39 x 39 cm
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